In accordance with the purpose of concluding a comprehensive and referential event around Japan referential in the Basque Country, this year has agreed to organize a business meeting journey around Japan and its market to be held on November 12. The purpose of this event is to inform business community the most significant features of the Japanese economic structure and opportunities in this important market for companies in Euskadi.



  • The opening lines of collaboration in I+D+i has sponsored a rapprochement between Basque institutions (such as External Affairs of the Basque Government, Bilbao Metropoli 30) with Japanese companies and institutions in multiple sectors (leading to participation in Toyota Amorebieta AIC) and the boost of the trade mission (Basque Chambers of Commerce, Department of Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism of the Basque government) to Korea and Japan from June 28 to July 2, 2010.
  • This approchement between Euskadi and Japan has its highest institutional expression to the recent visit in March 2010, the Japanese Ambassador, Mr. Fumiaki Takahashi, a different face of Basque institutions to strengthen relations with Euskadi.
  • It is also echoes itself as economic impact of geopolitical and cultural influence that Japan has on the rest of the world and also in the Basque Country. The case of the Japanese presence in Euskadi begins to be significant: Establishment of Toyota's AIC (Automotive Intelligence Center) in Bizkaia, Business Platform Stand of Bilbao (Bilbao Guggenheim ++) in the Shanghai World Expo (2010) next to Art Space Osaka (Japan).



November 12, 2010


Opening Ceremony of the Seminary

Lectures / Conferences (Morning Session)

  • 10: 30h
  • Toshiyasu Ichioka (Project Manager EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation).
  • EU-Japan Science and Technology Partnerships (Videoconference from Japan).
  • 11:00h
  • Oskar Villarreal Larrinaga (IEAE, Institute of Applies Business Economics. University of Basque Country / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea).
  • Internationalization of Basque companies. A qualitative approach.
  • 11:30h
  • Carlos H. Sierra (European Association for Japanese Studies / Keele University)
  • Changes in the Japanese economic model of the XXI century.
  • 12: 00h
  • Coffe Break
  • 12:30h
  • Jake Cameron (Manager of JOV Corporate Value Creation Dept, Toyota)
  • "Space and Wind". New global values derived from Japanese originality.
  • 13:00h
  • Ana María Goy Yamamoto (Professor of Economics and Business Management in Japan. Universidad Autonoma de Madrid).
  • Cultural values in negotiating with Japanese.
  • 13:30h
  • With prestigious chefs Yandiola Ricardo Pérez-Restaurant & Tetsuo Takenaka, "Ryokan Seiwasou, 料 亭 旅馆 清和 荘, Kyoto).
  • Download here the information about the menu and its price

Talks and conferences (Afternoon sesión)

  • 16:00h
  • José María Luzarraga (Strategy and Entrepreneurship Unit. Mondragon University / Universidad de Mondragón).
  • Mondragon Multilocalization strategy: Innovating a Human centred globalization.
  • 16:30h
  • Isabel Sánchez Robles (Tourism councillor of the city of Bilbao).
  • From Guggenheim effect to Bilbao effect.
  • 17:00h
  • Toshihiko Doi (JTB General Manager director).
  • The Japanese market from the point of view of the operator.
  • 17:30h
  • Matilde García de Oro (General Secretary of the Hispanic-Japanese Association of Tourism ).
  • Highlights of the Japanese tourist market.
  • 18:00h
  • Isabel Muela (Director of Tourism in Basque Government).
  • Euskadi as tourist destination.
  • 18:30h
  • Visitors will have the opportunity to tour the exhibition "Kurosawa Year" to mark the centenary of the birth of Japanese filmmaker.


Alhóndiga Building Bilbao

A monumental building downtown, now become a center of recreation and culture referential and recently restored by the French architect Philippe Starck.



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