Nihon jaia

Amigurumi Workshop and Exhibition

The amigurumi (編み 包み, knitted teddy) is a Japanese technique of circular crochet that is used to create three-dimensional figures, toys, food, objects ... The purpose of these figures is to be toys or ornaments. In Japan is a well-known technique and in recent years it has become fashionable in many places. So the crochet, a task known and used worldwide for many centuries which was falling into disuse, is arising again with this new spirit and new forms and features.

Activities in the Festival:

Basic Knitting Workshop during the two days of festival.

Amigurumi Workshop during the two-days of festival.

Amigurumi Exhibition.

Book exhibition on Amigurumi techniques, in English and Japanese.

Mi Abuela Lupe & Bigunki

Mi Abuela Lupe is a great fan of crochet for many years and three years ago knew this technique. Since then, she has tissue a countless amigurumis. Bigunki arrived to crochet much later, has not woven from she was child and once he started looking for something different and discovered the amigurumi. Since then, she has not stopped. He likes to invent the her own amigurumis, although sometimes it takes her many hours and almost always consists in a series of dolls. She has a few patterns that are sold online. She is a member of Artileak, a get-together from Bilbao dedicated on wool and, along with other components, they attend craft fairs to sell their products and conduct workshops.

More information about Amigurumi:

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