Nihon jaia

Exhibition of art related to Blythe Japanese dolls

Blythe are dolls of about 30 cm which were born in America in the 70, but they had no success. Thirty years after its initial release, the Blythe unexpectedly regained its popularity thanks to the Japanese Junko Wong, head of CWC. Currently, these dolls are real objects of worship and collectibles.

The participating artist in the exhibition is Ruth Miguel. Graduated in Fine Arts, with her brand Candy Box, fuses painting and lolita fashion design with blythe, is her view the world through a kaleidoscope, flooding everything with light flashes, characters and colors.

The artist will be present at the stand of the association Kita No Bara during the event.


The association Kita no Bara born a year ago. Named Kita no Bara, is a Youth Association of Basque Lolitas and is Headquartered in San Sebastian.

The association has participated in various events and media, including:

  • IX Mangamore Workshops (Amore), 2009: Informative Stand
  • X Mangamore Workshops (Amore), 2010: Informative Stand
  • Interview for Eitb radio (2009)
  • Interview for Durango Telebista (2010)
  • Report for the programme "Bi errepidean" ETB1 (2010)
  • Report for "Euskadi directo" (2010)