Nihon jaia


Alexander Herrmann & Andreas Pietz (Germany)

“Shogi or why Japanese don't play chess” is a documentary movie about an extraordinary Japanese board game. It follows two German Shogi players on their journey to Japan. As the two of them make their way through the foreign country and into the world of Shogi, we get a fascinating look behind the scenes of an important part of Japanese culture that is virtually unknown in the West. They meet the professional Shogi players, Kimono-clad master minds who get as much media attention as elsewhere sports celebrities. They also travel to the remote city of Tendo, where virtually every inhabitant seems to be involved in the production of exquisite Shogi pieces. In Tendo they take part in an international Shogi tournament, where they compete against top players from over twenty countries. By recounting their adventures, interspersed with dramatic animations, the movie conveys the rich history, the deep philosophy and the exalted status of Shogi in the modern society of Japan.

Documentary Movie

40 Minutes

  • Alexander Herrmann | Director / Producer
  • Pietz Andreas | Author / Producer
  • Michael Augustin Fiscal | Production / Distribution
  • Domnig Nina | Producer
  • Figlhuber Johannes | Concept Artist
  • Kapferer Marion | Concept Artist
  • Kickinger Max | Music
  • Randelshofer Stefan | Sound Design
  • Tauber Anita | Design
  • Hofmann Lisa-Maria | Design
  • Angelika Bräuml | 1st Assistant Editor

This documentary Movie has been screened at Salzburger Filmkulturzentrum (Austria), 2009.

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