Nihon jaia

Workshop, Exhibition of Books, Conference and Simultaneous Games of Go

Go (碁), known in Chinese as weiqi (traditional Chinese: 圍棋) and in Korean as baduk (hangul: 바둑), is an ancient board game for two players that is noted for being rich in strategy despite its simple rules. The game is played by two players who alternately place black and white stones on the vacant intersections of a grid of 19×19 lines. Once placed on the board, stones cannot be moved elsewhere, unless they are surrounded and captured by the opponent's stones. The object of the game is to control (surround) a larger portion of the board than the opponent.

Activities in the Festival:

Introductory Workshops about Go.

Exhibition of Books on Go (Spanish, English and Japanese).

Talk about Go given by Miguel Angel Antolinez & Masaru Mikami.

Go simultaneous games conducted by the master Masaru Mikami.

Go School of Bilbao

Go School of Bilbao is a cultural association dedicated to the discipline of Go during eleven years, but is from 2007 when he started to promote, teach and practice Go assiduously. At the same time, the association carries out research on the history and traditional values of the game. At present, the priority activity of the school focuses on the dissemination and teaching of this discipline. In this sense, both the members of the school and those who are starting to learn Go get together to play it every Wednesday at Tapelia Restaurant of Bilbao.

Master Masaru Mikami

Master Masaru Mikami (6º dan) is the major initiator of Go in the Spanish state, with over thirty years devoted to the teaching of this discipline. Active member of the club-Ban Nam and honorary president of the Spanish Association of Go, in 1997 received at the hands of the Japanese Ambassador, Mr. Yoshikawa, a distinction for his work developed in favor the Go.

More Information about Go:

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