Nihon jaia

Iaidō Demonstration

Iaido (居 合 道) is a Japanese martial art associated with controlled movements of drawing the sword from its scabbard. It was practiced by the samurai, especially in the Edo period. These techniques arise primarily to attack or defend by means of the sword, thus starting the confrontation with the sword still in the petticoat and drawing the sword at the appropriate speed to attack or counterattack the opponent without giving him time to react.

Activities in the Festival:

Iaidō Demonstration.

Direction of master NAKAYAMA. Due to conflicting schedules Hanshi 8th Dan in Iaido, AOKI Eiji sensei won't be able to attend the seminar this year.

Kendo Euskadi Club

Kendo Euskadi Club is an association founded in 1985, passing later in the year 1992 to form the Club exists today. Its main objective is to practice and spread the Kendo, Iaido and Japanese culture in Euskadi. The club has extensive experience in organizing events nationally and internationally, since the first Spain championship organized by Kendo Euskadi was in 1987, having also participated in organizing the European Kendo Championships in 1992. Kendo Euskadi Club's members have taken part also in many international tournaments, championships of Spain, European Championships and the World.

More information about Iaidō: