Nihon jaia

Exhibition, Demonstrations and Workshops on Ikebana

Ikebana (生け花 or いけ ば な "arranged flower") is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. Also known as kado (or 花道 华 道, "the way of flowers"). Ikebana is a regulated art of flower arrangement which gives a special importance to creative expression and that, besides the colors, pays attention to the shape, lines and so on. At the same time, ikebana is a spiritual discipline that reinforces the awareness about the things of nature and other qualities of human nature like serenity, equanimity, patience, etc.

Activities in the Festival:

Ikebana Exhibition during the two days of Festival.

Ikebana demonstration and workshop during the two days of Festival.

Contemporary Zen Space

Contemporary Zen Space born in 1998 and develops artistic and spiritual disciplines related to the East culture. The center offers courses on Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) following the traditional style “Mishoryu”, the art of Tai-Chi or Feng Shui. Similarly, they have held Tea ceremonies according to the traditional school called “Urasenke”. The center, in these years, has participated in numerous joint exhibitions, not only in the venue of Contemporary Zen Space placed in Getxo (Bizkaia), but also in other exhibitions organized in Bilbao and exhibitions by Madrid International Ikebana which every two years are celebrated in the Botanical Garden of Madrid (Spain). The Contemporary Zen Space’s members have also attended several conventions like the Europe Ikebana International and the IX. International Convention IX (held in Tokyo in 2006).

More Information about Ikebana: