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Jūjutsu Demonstration

Jūjutsu (柔 术 "art of softness") is a Japanese martial art that encompasses a wide variety of combat systems based on the defense "without arms" of one or both armed and unarmed assailants. The basic techniques mainly include joint dislocations, and blows, dodges, thrusts, projections, takedowns, and strangulations. These techniques are originated from the methods of battle of the bushi (classic Japanese warriors), to deal with other warriors in armor, (hence the emphasis on attacking with locks, throws and chokes) and have been developed over nearly two millennia.

Activity in the Festival:

Jūjutsu Demonstration.

Master Pedro R. Dabauza

The teacher Pedro Dabauza is Hanshi Dan 8 of jujutsu by the Dai Nippon Butoku kai. It is also Founding President of the International Budo Union. He is one of the most experienced western masters into the martial arts, insofar as he has dedicated his life to budō (武 道). At present, it is one of the most respected teachers and with more popularity in Europe. Sensei Pedro J. Dabauza has given numerous conferences, seminars and is also the author of important books on the subject, among which include "Kata Judo-Jujitsu: Ancient and Modern Forms of Self Defense" or the collection "Jiu Jitsu today".

Master David Moronta

Master David Moronta is 4th dan of jūjutsu by the Dai Nippon Butoku kai (2008). He's also a national judo master since 2007 and he actively belongs to the following martial arts associations: Dai Nippon Butoku Kai, Spanish Judo federation, World Masters judo Association, European Ju Jitsu Union and more.

More information about Jūjutsu:

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  • Source: Christelle Fillonneau