Nihon jaia

Kamishibai Representation

Kamishibai (纸 芝 居) means "drama of paper." It is a form of storytelling that originated in Buddhist temples in Japan in the twelfth century, where monks were accustomed to use Emaki (scrolls that combine images with text) to combine stories with moral lessons for mostly illiterate audience.

Activity in the Festival:

Representations of Kamishibai during the two days of Festival.

Agurtzane Macías, Gaito Kamishibaya

In October 2005 Agurtzane began studying theater in "Bilbao Escena", a set of three courses or annual levels, in collaboration with the theater group Gaitzerdi. At the beginning of 2008, she changes deeply her approach to the theater when discovers the art of kamishibai. Since then, she has been working with this narrative format, using materials imported from Japan, and taking part in numerous events held in the Basque Country, among which It's worth highlighting: regular representations in several schools and in the Civic Center of Otxarkoaga (2008 -2009), representation at the Festival of Japan (La Casilla, April 2009), in the Ibilaldia (2009), in the Hall of Comic and Manga of Getxo (2009), Barakaldo and so on. In addition to this, her work has appeared in a documentary produced by Tokyo TV for the “Japan All Stars” popular program. Today she is in the process of creation and development of stories and illustrations through Kamishibai style.

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