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Kendō Demonstration

Kendō (剣 道) is a gendai budō, a modern Japanese martial art, which uses armor (bōgu) and a bamboo sword (shinai) or a wooden sword (bokken). The name comes from ken: sword and dō: road, way. Its origins are based on the kenjutsu, martial art that was made with katana or Japanese sword. Because the number of accidents that occurred since the use of firearms began to spread, the discipline evolved to a bloodless form of training. After the Meiji restoration in 1896, the martial arts in Japan were reformed and it was created what today is known as Kendo. It is estimated that about 6 million people practice Kendo worldwide.

Activities in the Festival:

Kendō Demonstration.

With the participation of the following Japanese masters:

  • Hironori Tahara 8th Dan Hanshi Kendo
  • Nakayama Mineo 8th Dan Kyoshi Kendo and 7th Dan Kyoshi Iaido
  • Nishiumi Kamatarou 8th Dan Kyoshi Jodo

Under the supervision of the following sports managers:

  • Osakata Keisi 7th Dan Kyoshi Kendo
  • Hideo Tokunaga 7th Dan Kyoshi Kendo
  • Alfonso Arregui 6th Dan Renshi Kendo
  • Olga Martín 6th Dan Renshi Kendo

Kendo Euskadi Club

Kendo Euskadi Club is an association founded in 1985, passing later in the year 1992 to form the Club exists today. Its main objective is to practice and spread the Kendo, Iaido and Japanese culture in Euskadi. The club has extensive experience in organizing events nationally and internationally, since the first Spain championship organized by Kendo Euskadi was in 1987, having also participated in organizing the European Kendo Championships in 1992. Kendo Euskadi Club's members have taken part also in many international tournaments, championships of Spain, European Championships and the World.

More information about Kendō: