Nihon jaia

Taiko Concert and Workshop

Taiko (太 鼓, taiko, "big drum") is a Japanese drum of 1, 3 meters in diameter that is played with wooden sticks called bachi. Because of its great weight, varies between 295 and 310 kilograms, Japanese artists tend to lock it in a particular place in order not to move. The two surfaces of the drum are covered by membranes, but only one of them is percussed. The taiko is used in many traditional festivities in Japan, and sometimes constitute one of the backbones, such as traditional dance known as Bon Odori held each summer in different Japanese cities. Taiko also refers to the relatively recent art of percussion musical ensemble, which in Japanese is known as kumi-daiko.

Activities in the Festival:

Taiko Concert.

Taiko Workshop.

Seiwa Taiko

On June 3rd, 2009 is officially born the Seiwa Taiko Blog, 西 和 太 鼓, with the aim of bringing Japanese culture through the taiko. This amateur group is composed of 6 members, four of whom are Japanese settled in the Spanish state. The two remaining components of the group are Monica Vedia and Isabel Romeo, who during their stay in Japan come in contact with this percussion instrument, thanks to a community group near Ise (Mie-ken) called Ago Kaijin Taiko. Seiwa Taiko works regularly with renowned shakuhachi flautist (Japanese bamboo flute), Antonio Olías.

More information about Taiko:

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